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APV Duo Safety Plate Heat Exchanger

The APV Duo Safety heat exchanger plate pair differs from previously known double wall types. The new APV Duo Safety heat exchanger plate pairs have a great advantage of being completely weld-free.


Design and Construction

APV Duo Safety plate consists of two loose heat exchanger plates. These can be made of different material each plate pair is fitted with a non glued Paraclip or Easyclip gasket, which bot seals and holds the pair together. Gaskets can be supplied in a full range of materials. The use of two plates in this manner provides added safety againist the possibility of any through-plate leakage, since any cracks or corrosion damage in a plate will cause leakage in to the space between each DuoSafety plate pair. Should a leakage occur, the liquids will not be mixed since the leaking liquid will flow between the plate pair faces to the atmosphere, where it will be visible as an indication that corrective action should be initiated.



Advantages of Using APV DuoSafety Plate Pairs

There are many advantages of using the new APV Duosafety plate heat exchanger:

  • 100% visual inspection is possible
  • The APV Duosafety plate pair can be dismantled for cleaning and inspection
  • It is possible to combine different plate materials in one plate pair
    1. Such as stainless steel/titanium or Hastelloy/titanium
    2. Two gasket materials can be combined e.g EPDM/Nitrile
  • High safety against mixing of fluids
  • Completely weld-free

Industries Served

The APV Duo Safety Plate heat exchanger can advantageously be used within numerous industries, such as:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Nuclear
  • Chemical
  • Food & Beverage
  • Petrochemical
  • HVAC heating of utility water 


Range of Materials

The APV DuoSafety heat exchanger plate pairs can be supplied in stainless steel higher nickel alloys, titanium etc. or by combining different plate materials in one plate pair. Gaskets are now available in NBR or EPDM material. 

Your Supplier

APV introduced the plate heat exchanger in 1923 and has since been a market leader. In 1986 a factory was built in Kolding, Denmark, followed two years later by a factory in Goldsboro, North Carolina USA. Today we continue to lead the industry with our wold renowned state of the art technology, unsurpassed process knowledge and an unwavering commitment to our customers. 

APV DuoSafety Plate Heat Exchanger