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Metals Refining

Metals Refining Applications

  • Steel
  • Furnace hood cooling
  • Closed circuit furnace water cooling
  • Closed circuit continuous caster cooling
  • Copper
  • Acid plant
  • Electrolyte cooling

Metals Finishing Applications

  • Parts washing
  • Plating systems
  • Paint systems


Benefits of Using APV Heat Exchangers

  • Wide selection of gasket and plate materials to stand up to aggressive process fluids
  • Ease of cleaning & inspection
  • Welded & weld-free plate pairs available
  • Limited use of gaskets by design reduces chance of leakage
  • Flexible configurations can be adapted to meet your changing process needs
  • Achieves up to 97% heat recovery
  • Efficient operation
  • High thermal efficiency saves money through reduction in required heat transfer area
  • Low liquid hold-up improves start-up time and reduces operating fluid costs
  • Eliminates complicated maintenance such as x-ray, ultrasonic and other non-destructive test procedures
  • Corrosion resistant materials reduces inspection and maintenance while ensuring reliable operation
  • Life cycle cost reduction
  • No moving parts eliminates vibration & reduces maintenance
  • Reduced fouling leads to higher thermal efficiency, reducing maintenance and operating cost.