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Marine Industry
SPX has supplied APV plate hat exchangers and APV water desalination units (WDUs) to all major shipyards and all major ship-owners since the marine industry discovered the advantages of PHE's in the beginning of the 70s.


  • Main engine cooler (central or jacket coolers)
  • Lubricating oil cooler
  • Tank heater
  • Camshaft lube oil cooler & pre-heaters
  • Fuel oil heater
  • Steam dump condensers


Benefits of Using APV Heat Exchangers

  • Effective and reliable cooling at all conditions
  • Long life time
  • Low running and service
  • Simple to maintain
  • For sea water applications, SPX's PHEs can be supplied with in-line filters to
    ensure minimum downtime for cleaning.
  • The APV WDU from SPX can generate up to 60 ton/day fresh water per unit.
  • SPX has a world-wide net of service centers close to all major ports to ensure
    immediate support in case of an emergency.