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Plate Exchanger


SESINOKS has been established to respond to the needs of the large inventory of fluid equipment, facilities, and logistics services with our experienced sales team provides fast and accurate materials in food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical industry in 1993.

Paraflow  Plate Exchanger 

Contalı (Paraflow) Plate Exchanger : Plate, Plate heat exchanger gasket and the body of the traditional type of                                              

Double Wall (Duo-Safety) Plate Exchanger
  : Intermingling of fluids used in the unlikely event Plate Exchanger.

Semi Welded (Paraweld)  Plate Exchanger
 : Seal on one side of the flow due to lack of license plates on the other side, which allows a safe and flexible use of semi-welded plate-type Exchanger.

Braze Plate Exchanger : Braze plate exchanger ; Compact, low pressure losses even with high thermal efficiency, low cost plate exchanger.  Single or multi-phase heat transfer and cooling industry, industrial applications, is an excellent choice. 

Plate Heat Exchanger
Hybrid Plate Exchanger 
: Hybrid Welded plate heat exchangers with heat pipes PHE gasketed plate heat exchangers is a combination that provides all the advantages of. APV Hybrid plate exchanger provides a very variable degrees of flexibility in a wide temperature.